Leevisa is a Seoul based DJ, film composer and music producer. Currently in Toronto.
리비자 서울 ⇄ Toronto. DJ/프로듀서, 영화음악 작곡. 작업 의뢰 및 각종 문의는 이메일로 부탁합니다.

Project / SCR x SeMA Nanji Residency : Leevisa (live) x GIM IKHYUN & Hoh Woo Jung
Organized by / Seoul Museum of Art
Curation & Production / Zanchi, O+
Video Technician / Rondi Park
D.O.P / Miray Kuzucu

Music Composed by / Leevisa
Script & Recording / Leevisa

Watch Live on YouTube
As musician & docent,I composed an original soundtrack and recorded voice script. Introducing artist collaborators from the Nanji Studio Residency