Leevisa is a Seoul based DJ, film composer and music producer. Currently in Toronto.
리비자 서울 ⇄ Toronto. DJ/프로듀서, 영화음악 작곡. 작업 의뢰 및 각종 문의는 이메일로 부탁합니다.

Project / 《No Space, Just a Place : Eterotopia》 by GUCCI — Commission work for White Noise
collaborated with Sunmean Lee
curated by Jungmin Cho

Curator / Myriam Ben Salah
Associate Curator / Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti
Curatorial Consultant / InYoung Yeo
Project Coordinator / Dain Oh

Space Design / Archivio Personale
Audio-Video / Multitech

Venue / Daelim Museum

Music Composed & Film Directed by / Leevisa
Mastering / Jeremy Cox
Filming / Zachary Williams and more

Eediting / Gijeong Goo

Watch Video,Official Website

In the video and performance “The Roop”, Leevisa brings various forms of media from her past social media postings into the present time and the heterogeneous space of the exhibition.


Notably, however, after the twenty-minute performance is complete, the present fades into the past, thus becoming part of the next performance. In this way, a continuous cycle of confusion and realization endlessly repeats.